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This site is dedicated to investigative reporting related to the soon-to-be published book, Hauls of Shame. While the book deals with the wide ranging problems of fraud and corruption in the baseball collectibles and auction industries, its primary focus is on the mysteries of the considerable thefts of rare, historical baseball artifacts from the collections of the New York Public Library, Boston Public Library and the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Hauls of Shame publishes breaking news, book excerpts, original essays and interviews with historians and those familiar with the investigations that have spurred earnest recovery efforts by the FBI, individual collectors and institutions. We offer an educational resource for the baseball collecting and research communities as the investigations yield evidence of items both suspected or confirmed as missing from the research archives of: NYPL's "Spalding Baseball Collection;" BPL's "McGreevey Baseball Picture Collection;" and the HOF's "August Herrmann Papers Collection."

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Lord of The Rings: The Mystery of Lou Gehrig’s 1927 World Series Bling; Cooperstown Treasure or Halper Fake Sold By Sotheby’s?

By Peter J. Nash

June 10, 2016

A few years ago a controversy commenced involving Charlie Sheen’s alleged 1927 Babe Ruth World Series ring in an article published at Deadspin which revealed how a collector had lied about acquiring the ring from the Bambino’s daughter.  The Babe’s own granddaughter, Linda Ruth Tosetti, confirmed that her mother never sold the ring to Yankee partner and super-collector, Barry Halper, who later sold the Ruth ring to auctioneer Josh Evans for $150,000.  Evans purchased the ring in order to re-sell it to Sheen in the 1990s for $225,000 but, prior to those transactions in 1990, Halper had told Evans in a Sports Collectors Digest interview that he acquired the ring from the Babe’s daughter, Dorothy Ruth-Pirone. However, in a 1988 book that Pirone co-wrote about her father in entitled, My Dad, The Babe, she contradicted Halper’s story stating that the Babe’s World Series rings had vanished from the family years earlier.

Her co-author, Christopher Martens, confirmed in an interview the details of her story and added, “Dorothy did not have any World Series rings during the two year period we wrote the book and said they had disappeared years earlier.  I might add that based on my time with her it is almost an impossibility that she would have sold anything she had related to her father.  One room in her home was dedicated to him as a shrine and contained various items and memorabilia.  She definitely didn’t need the money and she was very sick suffering from emphysema at the time.”  Other than Sheen’s alleged 1927 ring, no other Ruth World Series ring has ever surfaced. The Baseball Hall of Fame doesn’t even possess one and Claire Ruth made a significant donation to the museum after her husband’s death.

At the time Sheen was showing off his alleged Ruth ring, the Babe’s granddaughter also made an observation about another 1927 World Series ring which once belonged to Babe’s teammate, Lou Gehrig.  At a 1999 Sotheby’s sale, Halper also sold what he claimed was Gehrig’s 1927 World Series ring for a hammer price just shy of $100,000.  Tosetti, however, told us, “I saw the cap of Lou’s 1927 ring at the Hall of Fame on a bracelet he made for his wife, so how could Barry Halper have sold it if its been at the Hall of Fame all these years?”

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Mastro Sits In Prison While MLB Owner & Phoenix Art Museum Show Off The PSA-Certified Wagner Fraud That Put Him There
By Peter J. Nash April 24, 2016 As Bill Mastro sits in a Federal jail cell, the now infamous Honus Wagner card that played a part in putting him there is on display in all its trimmed and fraudulently graded glory at the Phoenix Art Museum. The card is on loan courtesy [...]
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The Wagner Club: The Hobby’s “Holy Grails” & The Collectors Who Chased Down The Elusive & Cursed T206 Honus Wagner
By Peter J. Nash April 15, 2016 Willie Ratner unknowingly founded this exclusive club as a youth when he secured his copy of the card straight out of a pack of Sweet Caporal cigarettes. Jefferson Burdick gained entry when he received one as a gift from a friend and then afterwards donated his [...]
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CHIN MUSIC: List Of Mastro Shill-Bidders Released; Auction & TPA Bigs Implicated; REAs Lifson Allegedly Retiring; New Book From Keurajian
By Peter J. Nash February 1, 2016 All hell has broken loose in the hobby now that the Mastro shill bid list was released in Doug Allen’s court filings for his upcoming sentencing in Chicago Federal Court. The list was originally generated by the Government in its case against Bill Mastro [...]
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OPERATION BAMBINO: $50K Fake Pulled From Auction Exposes PSA/JSA Authentications of Bogus Babe Ruth Sigs By Grad & Spence (Pt. 7)
By Peter J. Nash December 18, 2015 Hobbyists and autograph experts have for years alleged that the proliferation of Babe Ruth forgeries in the marketplace has been bolstered by the shoddy work of the authentication companies PSA/DNA and JSA. In the six previous installments of our “Operation Bambino” investigation, Hauls of [...]
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Source: Leon Luckey Says He’s Selling Out His Net54 Forum To Beckett For $650,000 (UPDATE)
By Peter J. Nash November 13, 2015 Scroll to bottom for Update: Net54 moderator Leon Luckey wants out and according to several collectors who have spoken with him, he is trying to unload the collector forum he owns and moderates for lots of cash. According to several sources Luckey wants to sell his [...]
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CHIN MUSIC: RR Destroyed Bidding Records Like Mastro; Boehm, Grad and Orlando Set To Testify In RR Case; NYDN Cleans House; REA & Rob Lifson Selling More JSA & PSA Fakes
By Peter J. Nash October 14, 2015 -Bill Mastro was sentenced to 20 months in a Federal prison over the summer and his former IT director, William Boehm, was sentenced to probation and house arrest for lying to FBI agents about destroying Mastro’s auction records in an attempt to conceal the auction [...]
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