NYPL Missing Photos/Harry Wright Letters/Manuscripts

1859 Knickerbocker v. Excelsior Photo

Cap Anson, Stevens Cabinet Photo

1869 Red Stocking Photo by Brady

1860 Excelsiors of Brooklyn Photo

1869 Forest City BBC Photo

1874 Warren Cabinet Photo of A. G. Spalding

1879 Portrait of A.G. Spalding

1873 Andrew Peck signed Cabinet

1874 Warren Cabinet of Harry Wright

A. Cartwright Cabinet Photo

1879 Providence Base Ball Club

1858 Eckfords of Brooklyn Photo
1887 Brooklyn v. St Louis at Washington Park 1868-70 Harry Wright Photo 1869 Red Stockings by Van Loo


1860 Hamilton/Knickerbocker Challenge Letter

1859 Knick/Excelsior Challenge Letter

1874 Letter from AG Spalding to Harry Wright

1889 Harry Wright Letter

1889 Harry Wright Letter

1889 Harry Wright Note to AH Soden

1877 AG Spalding Letter to Harry Wright

1866 Harry Wright Expense Letter

1889 Harry Wright Letter

1871 Kekionga BBC Letter to H. Wright

1884 Joe Mulvey Letter to Al Reach

1884 AG Mills Letter to H. Wright


Knickerbocker Challenge Letter

1860 Knick/Star Challenge Letter

1860 Knick/Excelsior Challenge Letter

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