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Baseball Hall of Fame
Wills fakes & Frauds
This section features news articles and links related to our investigations and the issues of fraud and theft in the baseball collectibles and auction industries.

1852 Eagle Ball Club By-Laws and Rules (NYPL)

1872 Harry Wright Warren CDV (NYPL)

John Ward Cabinet Photo (NYPL)

Buck Ewing Cabinet Photo (NYPL)

Roger Connor Cabinet Photo (NYPL)

Mike Tiernan Cabinet Photo (NYPL)

Harry Wright, Taylor Cabinet Photo (NYPL)

1873 Andrew Peck CDV (NYPL)

James O'Rourke Signed Photo (NYPL)

Hoss Radbourn Old Judge Cabinet (NYPL)

1904 Boston Pennant Raising (BPL)

Nuf Ced at 1912 Spring Training w/Red Sox (BPL)

1904 NE League Ceremony (BPL)

1907 Detroit Tigers (BPL)

The Shadow Club c.1900 w/Tommy McCarthy (BPL)

1882 Boston Base Ball Club (BPL)

Boston Nationals, 1901 (BPL)

Kid Nichols, (BPL)

Kid Nichols Grip (BPL)

Hobe Ferris (BPL)

Collins, Parent, Criger and Freeman (BPL)

O. Schrekengost (BPL)

Boston Americans 1901 (BPL)

Fred Tenney, Chickering (BPL)

Jimmy Collins and John L. Sullivan, 1904 (BPL)

1882 Buffalo BBC Photo (BPL)

1891 Boston BBC Photo by GW Smith (BPL)

1869 Red Stocking Trade Card (NYPL)

1884 Detroit Wolverines Imperial Cabinet (BPL)

1897 Boston Beaneaters by Chickering (HOF)

1910 Pittsburgh Pirate Composite (HOF)

Keeping Document Cheats at Bay - Florida Weekly, September 2, 2009

Wright Papers Cornerstone of the Spalding Collection -, Aug. 3, 2009

Stolen Boston Memorabilia Traced Back to Dead Yankees Owner Baseball Caper Throws Feds For Curve - Boston Herald, July 10, 2009

Baseball Pioneer’s Letters Pulled From Auction - New York Times, July 3, 2009

Another Clue That Auction Has Stolen Items - New York Times, July 5, 2009

Auction House Stops Sale of 19th Century Letters - New York Times, July 8, 2009

Stolen Goods? Historic MLB Letters Removed From Auction -, July 6, 2009

Old Baseball Letters with Cincy Link may be “Hot” - Cincinnati Enquirer, July 7, 2009

Spalding Baseball Photos Online at the NYPL -, Jan. 23, 2008

The Sultan of Swap - Sports Illustrated, May 22, 1995

SPORTSWORLD SPECIALS; Preserving History - New York Times, Aug. 22, 1983

Reading Between the Lions - TIME Magazine, October 8, 1979

Halper Owns Priceless Items - The Sporting News, July 16, 1977

When Baseball Was A Strange New Sport - Christian Science Monitor, Feb. 6, 1922

Baseball Library to Go on View Soon - New York Times, June 7, 1921

Baseball History in Spalding Relics - New York Times, July 17, 1921

Harry Wright’s Will - New York Times, October 11, 1895

Letter from A. G. Spalding to Henry Chadwick re: Collection, 1907

Stolen Boston Baseball Photo Fetched Thousands at Auction - Boston Herald,July 16,2009

Auctioneer: Way of the Will Unknown - Boston Herald, July 11, 2009

A Home Run for the BPL - The Boston Globe, December 31, 2008

Snapshots from era when the old game was grander Public Library’s exhibit displays historic Boston Baseball photos - The Boston Globe, July 12, 1999

BPL’s Riches Include a Crack Research Staff and a Vast Trove of Rare Books, Master Works - The Boston Globe, April 21, 1998

Where Shakespeare and Bacon Take Place of McGreevy’s Old Time Baseball Man and Musty - Boston Traveler, April 28, 1923

Boston Public Library Converts a Bar From Beer to Books -Boston Evening Transcript, April 24, 1923

FBI Scores Four Baseballs - New York Daily News, April 13, 2001

Treasures Return to Cooperstown - Albany Times-Union, April 13, 2001

Cooperstown Haul of Fame Thieves Steal Millions in Baseball Treasures - New York Daily News, Aug. 20, 2000.

Foul Play at Cooperstown - Washington Post, October 24, 2004

Baseball HOF Closes Holes in Library; ‘88 Theft Recalled - The Sweet Spot, 1998

Hall of Fame Treasures Slip Away - The Sporting News, Jan. 24, 1983

Crosley Donates Historic Letters to Shrine: Garry Herrmann’s Personal Papers Among 45,000 Documents Presented to Pantheon - The Sporting News, June 1, 1961

The Search for Stolen Wills and Other Historical Documents Continues - News Release, Register of Probate, Suffolk County Courthouse, Boston MA. July 14, 2009

Jurisprudence - USA Today May 18, 1999

Old Will Hunting - Baseball Weekly/USA Today, Feb. 2, 1999

Two More Boston Baseball Players’ Wills Stolen - Boston Herald, Nov. 13, 1998

Baseball Legend’s Will, Other Papers Believed Stolen - Boston Herald Oct 30, 1998

Baseball Players Wills are Stolen - AP, October 29, 1998

Baseball Greats Records Stolen - UPI, October 30, 1998

Hey Mister, Can We Have Your Autograph? - Sports Illustrated, April 12, 1982

Ernie Harwell: Questions Remain about fake Cobb diary" Detroit Free Press, July 6, 2009

FBI Official Website - Art Theft Program

NYPL Digital Collection: AG Spalding Collection

1987 NYPL A. G. Spalding Collection “Missing List”

BPL McGreevey Baseball Picture Collection on Flikr

Official BPL Website: "MT McGreevey Collection”

A Guide to the August “Garry” Herrmann Papers” Archive at the Baseball Hall of Fame

NYPL - Albert G. Spalding Collection Manuscripts Guide, 2005

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