Over the past two decades the rapid growth of the vintage baseball memorabilia market and auction business has given rise to a wide array of illegal activity including: the thefts of Hall-of-Famers’ wills from municipal courthouses; the inaccurate and flawed authentication of vintage material by leading authentication companies; and instances of “shill-bidding” at major hobby auction houses.

This section of the Hauls of Shame site features original investigative reporting and analysis regarding these important and controversial issues.

Our GALLERY OF WILLS, FAKES AND FRAUDS presents images documenting these issues.

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Anyone with information that can aid the recovery efforts
 may contact us at:

 We also suggest that those with important information regarding the thefts from the
BPL, NYPL and Hall of Fame collections contact the FBI at:
(For BPL: Boston@ic.fbi.gov)
(For NYPL: ny1@ic.fbi.gov )
(For Hall of Fame contact the FBI's Albany, NY office at 518-465-7551)

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