Gallery of Wills, Fakes and Frauds

1899 Misspelled/Secretarial
Ed Delahanty Letter

1898 Phillies Secreterial Team Sheet Signed Entirely By Billy Shettsline - Authenticated By PSA/Spence as Being Signed by Each Player Including Ed Delahanty ("Delehanty" is Misspelled)

Authentic 1912 Letter by Billy Shettsline
(HOF Herrmann Papers)

JSA LOA for Secreterial 1899 Ed Delehanty Letter Stating Letter Was Written by Ed Delahanty

Comparison of Shettsline Handwriting From Authentic HOF Letters and 1899 "Ed Delehanty" (Misspelled) Secreterial Letter Also Written by Shettsline

Authentic 1909 Letter by Billy Shettsline
(HOF Herrmann Papers)

Will of James O'Rourke

Will of "Old Hoss" Radbourn

Will of Ned Hanlon

Alleged Wilbert Robinson Jersey

Alleged Ty Cobb Diary, 1946

Alleged Hugh Jennings Baltimore Jersey c.1890's

Alleged Wee Willie Keeler Baltimore Jersey

Sporting News Feb. 11, 1985 (Halper Uniforms)

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