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This site is dedicated to investigative reporting related to the soon-to-be published book, Hauls of Shame. While the book deals with the wide ranging problems of fraud and corruption in the baseball collectibles and auction industries, its primary focus is on the mysteries of the considerable thefts of rare, historical baseball artifacts from the collections of the New York Public Library, Boston Public Library and the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

Hauls of Shame publishes breaking news, book excerpts, original essays and interviews with historians and those familiar with the investigations that have spurred earnest recovery efforts by the FBI, individual collectors and institutions. We offer an educational resource for the baseball collecting and research communities as the investigations yield evidence of items both suspected or confirmed as missing from the research archives of: NYPL's "Spalding Baseball Collection;" BPL's "McGreevey Baseball Picture Collection;" and the HOF's "August Herrmann Papers Collection."

Breaking News
To Catch A Thief: New Evidence Sheds Light On Missing Boston Baseball Treasures; REA Auctioneer Rob Lifson Owned 1873 Card Before He Was Caught Stealing From The NYPL

By Peter J. Nash

May 18, 2015

Rob Lifson, the New Jersey auctioneer who was caught decades ago stealing rare 19th century photographs from the New York Public Library, said his apprehension was an isolated incident and that he never swiped any other artifacts from the library’s famous Spalding Collection. But new evidence revealed in a front page story published by a University of Pennsylvania newspaper in 1978 shows that even before he was caught stealing at the NYPL, Lifson already had in his possession a rare card of the 1873 Boston Red Stockings team which fit the exact description of two cards that had vanished from the institution. At the time Lifson was caught stealing, the library’s copies of the cards were considered the only examples known to exist.

In addition, two veteran hobby sources have confirmed for Hauls of Shame that Lifson sold at least two rare 1873 Boston cards prior to 1980 and that two decades later, in 2000 and 2001, he sold an example of the same card two times at Robert Edward Auctions. Lifson also sold that same card privately to collector Jim Copeland prior to 1990 and ended up bidding on the card with his paddle (#58) when it was again offered at Sotheby’s in 1991 and failed to reach its $8,000 reserve price. Additionally, Lifson sold a different example of the 1873 card in his 1994 and 2005 auctions and yet another card that appeared in his 2006 auction. The card Lifson offered in the 2006 auction sold for over $16,000.  As of 2015, there have been only ten 1873 Boston cards confirmed to exist and five of those examples surfaced after 2000 with no provenance issues or visible evidence of NYPL ownership marks having been removed.

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Robert Edward Auctions Is Selling Two 19th-Century Rarities That Fit The Description Of Missing Items From 1970s NYPL-Spalding Collection Heist
By Peter J. Nash April 24, 2015 Last month it was revealed in court papers that former Mastro Auctions exec Doug Allen was accused by the Detroit Public Library of stealing two photos from its Ernie Harwell Collection. This month, Allen’s former partner and documented library thief, Rob Lifson, of Robert Edward Auctions [...]
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The Name Game: The Untold Story Of REA’s Million-Dollar T-206 Honus Wagner (Pearsall v. Oceanside); Card’s Fame & Value Forever Linked To Mastro-Lifson-PSA Fraud (UPDATE)
By Peter J. Nash April 23, 2015 (Scroll to bottom for Update): Internet auction bidding has exceeded $1 million for what Robert Edward Auctions calls the “Oceanside Wagner,” a high-grade PSA-3 example of the famous T206 Honus Wagner tobacco card slated to be sold on Saturday. According to the auction house lot description, [...]
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Affidavit Of Deceased Auction Exec Alleges Shill-Bidding & Fraud At RR By Eaton & Reznikoff Of PSA; Document Shows Fired CFO Feared For Safety Before Alleged Suicide (UPDATE)
By Peter J. Nash March 13, 2015 (Scroll to Bottom for Update) In our last report we detailed several issues that sources said would surface in the RR Class Action Lawsuit related to allegations of shill-bidding and fraud and the reported suicide of RR’s CFO and bookkeeper Karen “Kay” Burris. Late Thursday [...]
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Could The RR Class Action Lawsuit Signal The Downfall Of PSA/DNA? Eaton, Reznikoff, Orlando & Grad In Cross-Hairs; Feds Show Interest In Allegations Of PSA Collusion & Mastro-esque Shill-Bidding At RR
By Peter J. Nash March 4, 2015 It’s not a baseball memorabilia dispute but every baseball collector will be familiar with the names of the characters getting dragged into the RR Auction class action lawsuit. The litigation, initiated by collector Michael Johnson, has been brewing for over three years in Santa Barbara [...]
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The Scribbles & Scrawls Of “Shoeless” Joe: A Tale Of Two Jackson-Signed Photos & Their Disputed Authenticity (Pt. 2) (UPDATE)
By Peter J. Nash February 18, 2015 Scroll to Bottom for Update: “Shoeless” Joe seemed to be everywhere last week blowing up Twitter and making the rounds on the nightly news. As reported by the likes of ABC News, CBS News and FoxSports, Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas, Texas, is selling what Sports [...]
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The Scribbles & Scrawls Of “Shoeless” Joe: The Real Jackson Sigs vs. Forgeries Certified By Darvick, JSA & PSA/DNA (Pt.1)
By Peter J. Nash February 9, 2015 Legend had it that “Shoeless” Joe Jackson was an illiterate incapable of signing his own name and filmmaker John Sayles contributed to this perception in his film Eight Men Out when he portrayed Jackson signing a fictional 1920 confession with a shaky and tremulous “X.” Sayles’ [...]
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